VC Sites & Resources

Below are some local South African Vampyre Community websites and resources:

The SAVCNet Portal 

This is the SA Vampyre Community Network of affiliated and unaffiliated websites, all of which together form the online face of the South African Vampyre Community. This site serves as the gateway to the online presence of the SA Vampyre Community. Its aim is to allow quick access to whatever resource the visitor is seeking.

The Vampyre History Project

This is a broad chronology of Vampyre and Vampyre-related events in history, collected from a variety of sources IRL and via net-trawls online in order to compile as complete a reference guide as possible and to present it for general public use. This is, without argument, the most complete and detailed free-access publicly visible Vampyre history on the Web! (We know – we’ve looked.)

The SA Vampyre Culture Center

The South African Vampyre Culture Center was founded on 23 January 2012 in order to create and manage an open and public reference to South African Vampyre culture. Intended primarily for use by awakening or solitary Vampyres seeking the community, the resource also caters for use by mundanes and other non-Vampyres curious about Vampyres and Vampyre culture in South Africa. One of the main aims of the resource is to refer seekers to the community, and also to dispel misconceptions maintained by mundanes and general critics who are ignorant of Vampyres, what we are, what we do – what is true and false – and the ins and outs of our sub-culture.

SA Vampyre News (SAVN)

SA Vampyre News is a news agency established on 6 June 2011 to serve the Vampyre Community in South Africa, providing news coverage on issues affecting the Community, such as its activity and growth, and the gradual exposure of the subculture to the Mundane world. In the context of the Vampyre Community becoming more known to the Mundane world, one of the functions of SA Vampyre News is to provide an insight into the world of vampiric people, explain terminology and also to clarify misconceptions and misunderstandings. SAVN will also post articles in blog format by community members themselves, providing their own take on vampirism, Vampyre nature and on the local community.

Real Vampire Forum

A forum for real Vampyres “where the real vamps are”, catering for the international community.

The Dhampire

A modest resource of information on vampyrism with a forum, set up by author Lana Lundy. Appears to be more youth-focused with the intention of encouraging romantic young minds to write fiction and fantasy.

House Valur

House Valur was established by Octarine Valur and is active both online and IRL. HV has an informative blog, an active forum, and has been the driving force behind the growth and development of the SAVC since its founding on 13 February 2010.

House of Havoc

House of Havoc is a house for Vampyres and Otherkin in South Africa. HoH was formed at the end of 2009. They have three house fathers, VampireIzak, Jason Lord Havoc and Lee Havoc. Their goal is to unite the greater vampire community within South Africa and to encourage the development of haevens across the country.

A Few International Resources:

Atlanta Vampire Alliance

An online portal to a real life group which is almost on the verge of becoming a “Vampire civil rights movement”. AVA have participated in several highly respected scientific research investigations into the nature of real vampirism.

Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC.

The scientific pillar of the Vampyre community, who have provided the world’s first, and only, detailed scientific survey and analysis of the phenomenon of vampirism. Their work is helping Vampyre-Kind to become accepted as a valid identity group across the world. They have done so largely at their own expense, please support them.

“The Vampire Support Page” – one of the original VC sites which has been around in one form or another since 1994, featuring many archived articles which were an important feature of the early development of our identity and the character of the present community.

Real Vampire Life [formerly Real Vampire News] (USA)

“The motivation behind Real Vampire Life is for everyone who is, involved with, affiliated with or interested in the Vampire and their ways to come together and celebrate the rich diversity of Vampire culture and knowledge. Our aims and goals – Real Vampire Life (RVL) is a project aimed at spreading information about the real vampire life to as many people as it can reach. We want all our readers to celebrate the mystique, the style, the culture and the reality that is Vampire Life.”

The Danish Vampire Community (Denmark)

“You wonder enough about what vampirism is, and what it means to be a modern vampire. Maybe you’re curious to find out why it is not all modern vampires who drink blood, or you just want insight into the different perceptions that actually exist on modern vampirism. Whatever reason you have to be here, so you can get answers to your questions through our portal.”

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