The Halos Of SAVA

The Halos of the SAVA are demarcated areas portioned out according to the provincial layout and borders of South Africa. Each Halo is in effect, a province. All members of the SAVA within a geographic region are associated with the Halo in which they are located, but their participation in the affairs of the SAVA is not limited to the organizational structure of that Halo.

In the past, each Halo was represented in the Senate by an elected Magister. All Magisters together formed the High Council. Since October 2012, the Senate and High Council were replaced with the Assembly, all members of the SAVA participate on an equal basis in internal decision-making, and membership capacity is no longer determined by the membership of Houses or other groups.

Each of the nine Halos (provinces) in South Africa has been named after one of the brightest stars visible in the southern hemisphere, with the exception of Ilyatha Halo.

  • Adara Halo (Limpopo)
  • Atria Halo (Northern Cape)
  • Avior Halo (Western Cape)
  • Gacrux Halo (Gauteng)
  • Ilyatha Halo (Mpumalanga)
  • Mintaka Halo (Eastern Cape)
  • Naos Halo (Northwest)
  • Turais Halo (Kwa Zulu Natal)
  • Zaurak Halo (Free State)

Each Halo has its own identifying symbol, known as a cypher. The Cyphers for the SAVA Halos are shown below:

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