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Both individuals and Houses may hold membership in the South African Vampyre Alliance, but there is a difference in how they relate to the SAVA. Membership of the SAVA continues to be individual-based, and therefore, individual members are not necessarily tied to what member House those individuals belong, or if they belong to any House at all.

The Distinction Between Individual And House Membership

a) Individual Membership

There are two forms of individual membership in the SAVA, Inner Circle and Outer Circle.

  • Inner Circle members are members by invitation only and participate actively in the SAVA – and not only must be resident in South Africa, but should as far as possible, also be active inner circle members of one of the Houses which support or hold membership in the SAVA. (Outer circle members of Covens do not count as members of the outer circle of the SAVA.)
  • Outer Circle members do not represent the organization, do not belong to any member Houses of the SAVA, and must apply to join as Outer Circle members, and do not have to reside in South Africa.

b) House Membership

In order to become a member of the SAVA, a House needs to provide assurances to the SAVA that the group, its leaders and members would pledge to abide by the Totum Lex Vampyrica, and keep their noses clean as far as the law of the land is concerned. It would also mean, of necessity, that all inner circle members of the House would have to meet SAVA membership requirements and follow the laid down application procedure.

[Interested parties may contact the SAVA directly to discuss House membership agreements with the SAVA.]


Houses and other entities outside the SA VC and external to the VC as a subculture may register as Friends Of The SAVA, or participate in friendship, cultural and link-exchanges with the SAVA.


  • House Valur House Valur
    • Coven Veritas coven-veritas-logo-cropped
    • Coven d’Eir sigil-coven-deir
  • House Dova Sanguine Draygon
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