The Regency

The highest structure in the SAVA is the Regency (formerly known as the Red Council), which consists of the Regent of the SAVA along with any assistants (Praetors) and a Secretary to the Regency.

The Regent:

The executive head of the SAVA is the Regent of the SAVA. The Regent acts as the Administrator for the SAVA and its membership, and in co-operation with the rest of the Regency and the SAVA executive, and manages internal SAVA issues.

In sessions of the Executive, the Regent retains the right of veto over any appointment, decision, mandate or action called for, and also has the right to represent the SAVA in whatever sense or on whatever occasion.

The present Regent of the SAVA is Draygon Allesandro Sheppard, Primus and founder of House Dova Sanguine. The role of Regent was handed down to Draygon on October 26, 2018 by Octarine Valur, Maester of House Valur, founding member of the SAVA and who is also recognized as the founder of the modern South African Vampyre Community as it stands today.

The history of the position of Regent is a spotty one. Initially the post was created in order to bring stability in time of internal discord, when Magisters of the High Council were at odds with each other, with several attempting to secede their Halo structures from the SAVA. In the light of successive events, it was considered necessary to maintain this post indefinitely in order to maintain this balance.

Praetor to the Regency:

Praetor to the Regency is a post created in 2013. The particulars of this post is that a Praetor serves as a personal assistant/assistant administrator of the SAVA.

A Praetor may act on behalf of the Regent with the express authority of the Regent. For this purpose both Praetors are in ready contact with the Regent and members of the Shadow Senate.

The Regent may appoint as many Praetors as deemed necessary and appropriate, with or without specific portfolio.

Current appointments include Kay Valur Valkir.

Secretary to the Regency:

The Secretary handles incoming and outgoing correspondence for the SAVA, miscellaneous admin or tasks as delegated by other members of the Regency, and attends various meetings along with the Regent and Praetors, including sessions of the SAVA Executive Committee.

The Secretary’s function in sessions of the Executive is that of note-taker, arbiter and convener, although the Secretary also holds a vote in matters to be decided in session.

This post is currently vacant.

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