The Assembly

The Assembly is the total membership of the SAVA. As a community body, the SAVA seeks to represent the interests of those who self-identify as vampyric – and also of those who associate with us, for whatever reason.

In terms of internal governance of the body, the Assembly acts as a committee which is moderated and administrated by the Regent of the SAVA along with her two Praetors assisted by the Secretary to the Regency.

Between the Regency and the Assembly is the Shadow Senate (which replaced the previous High Council system in 2013). Matters pertaining to the community will be debated and discussed by the Senate, with certain issues requiring action on behalf of the SAVA being voted upon by the either the Senate or the Assembly.

With the restructuring of 2012, SAVA’s focus shifted from being a perceived territorial community “governing body” to take on a role more in line with being a community representative body.

The point of this is to convey the understanding that it consists of more experienced participants in the VC who have a stronger grasp of what the SA VC is all about, those who are willing and able to conduct themselves as representatives of the SA VC and to contribute to the building of our community and culture by means of their own efforts through debate, contribution or other action, in co-operation with others.

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