Structures & Membership


The internal structure of the SAVA takes the form of an alliance of individual members. South Africa as a region is divided up into nine Halos (territories) corresponding to the nine provinces. Each province of the country (called a Halo) is managed by a Magister, who is nominated and elected to that post by the members themselves.

Each Halo has a great deal of freedom to develop internal Vampyre culture and bodies etc as it sees fit, but must also take direction from the central body overseeing this cultural development and growth, on which each Halo is represented by its Magister, and participates in this process.

The Senate:

Magisters of each Halo along with their duly elected Secundi, Praetors of the  Regency and the Regent together form the SAVA Senate. The task of this collective body is to draw the global body of the SAVA membership into assisting the management of the SAVA in matters of developing the local VC and sub-culture within their region.

The High Council:

The Magisters of all the Halos holds a position on the SAVA High Council which is where the actual cooperation, networking and decision-making occurs within the SAVA.


The SAVA is open to anyone who would normally form part of the Vampyre Community. Prospective members can be sponsored or mentored. Applicants are vetted and processed and admitted as members, pending their acceptance of SAVA terms and conditions attached to membership.

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