The SAVA  is a participating member of the following organizations:

  • The Dark Nations (The SAVA has been a member of the Dark Nations since August 30, 2012.)

The Dark Nations is a diplomatic endeavor and the culmination of an attempt to raise the bar on communication and conduct across the Vampyre, Therian and Otherkin societies at large. Though we know variations of this system have been attempted, or are currently employed in a different form, it is time for our communications to evolve into productive, cooperative efforts and we hope that in time, Dark Nations can become a model for how all Houses and groups conduct business with each other.  The Dark Nations was founded in 2007 and proudly boasts over 2 dozen closed membership organizations and is exclusively administrated by distinguished Community Ronin. If you are part of a closed membership group that has an active core membership of three or more which has been active for over a year, and have a vested interest on improved communication and diplomatic community relations, you are welcome to join and establish an embassy with The Dark Nations. Please contact us for more details.


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