Equality Of Vampyres Regardless Of Feeding Methods

Just in case anyone has any doubts or questions about the equal and ethical treatment of Vampyres in the SAVA:

“The SAVA does not, and never has, condoned different rights or treatment – either preferential or detrimental – for Vampyres based upon which feeding methods they use.

We do not classify Vampyres according to their feeding methods, or treat them differently according to these, and we actively promote (as we always have) the practice of non-discrimination in all arenas in which we as the SAVA interact with other groups, bodies or communities inside or outside of the VC.

This applies universally to any Vampyres who identify as sanguine, psychic, tantric, omnivorous feeders (‘hybrids’) or adaptives.

In any SAVA arena, all Vampyres will be regarded equally as Vampyres, disregarding any and all attempts to segregate the community into different camps based upon something so pedestrian as how we eat.” – Octarine Valur, Regent of the SAVA.

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